No Joke, Apollo Is The Hulk's Body Double In 'Thor'

39;Avengers Age of Ultron'

39;Avengers Age of Ultron'

This is also the reason why the party scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the shawarma post-credit tag in The Avengers have been a huge hit with audiences, as they both humanize these superheroes.

Speaking to The Gold Coast Bulletin, Apollo says he was approached to be the Hulk's body double in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster. In many ways, the legal issues are a godsend because Bruce Banner and his green alter ego are best suited as supporting characters. It would be like The Brady Bunch. "He's definitely a role model I look up to in the industry", Apollo told the publication. So, I don't think that I have that co-dependency.

Ragnarok TV spot settles the debate on who really is the strongest Avenger. The star accidentally livestreamed a portion of the film on Tuesday night from the Los Angeles world premiere after he forgot to switch off his Instagram live. That's not how I roll.

Apollo will walk the red carpet tonight with the stars for the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok.

"I am a massive nerd so I was super excited and so stoked to do a Marvel movie", he said, before speaking about his time with Chris Hemsworth.

"Un délinquant chevronné" selon le Parquet national financier — Nicolas Sarkozy
En effet, Nicolas Sarkozy aura déjà utilisé un téléphone occulte sous l'identité de " Gilda Atlan ". Gilbert Azibert espérait pour sa part l'appui de Nicolas Sarkozy pour une nomination à Monaco.

Après les Etats-Unis, Israël se retire aussi — UNESCO
" Cette décision n'a pas été prise à la légère ", explique le département d'Etat américain dans son communiqué. Pourtant, Israel fait, pour sa part, partie des États membres de l'Unesco (depuis 1949 ).

Les policiers découvrent un bébé lion dans un appartement — Seine-Saint-Denis
Mardi 10 octobre, l'animal a été retrouvé en train de dépérir dans un appartement inoccupé de Noisy-le-Sec en Seine-Saint-Denis. Cette affaire n'est pas sans rappeler la découverte, en juin 2016, d'un bébé tigre dans les rues de la Noisy-le-Sec.

Have a great day, everybody! Miek is an insect-like character who's native to Sakaar, the planet on which Thor finds himself engaged in gladiatorial battle with The Hulk.

He said: "I loved it. I sat in the "director's row" with the Jons (Favreau and Watts) and Captain Marvel's Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, and Favreau and I laughed loudly, perhaps even inappropriately so, at nearly everything Jeff Goldblum did".

It seems there will be a warm welcoming committee for Thor: Ragnarok when it hits theaters, and the god of thunder should be quite pleased.

The movie opens in New Zealand on Thursday, October 26.

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