Zimbabwe's 'Crocodile' Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in as leader

Mnangagwa Sworn In As Zimbabwe’s New President

Mnangagwa Sworn In As Zimbabwe’s New President

ZIMBABWE's incoming interim president designate Emmerson Mnangagwa might have survived the poison that nearly took his life in August this year, but will he survive the poisonous legacy that his predecessor Robert Mugabe has left him?

Mr Mnangagwa's dismissal on 6 October plunged the country into a political crisis and prompted military chiefs to take control of the capital and place Mr Mugabe under house arrest.

Former vice president and the new leader of the ruling Zanu-PF says that decisions on the country were no longer made by the exec but those controlling it from outside.

I have no doubt that from Mr Mugabe's perspective, his 37-year reign ended because of the outright betrayal, hypocrisy, deceit and the treachery of his long-time comrades in the ruling Zanu-PF party.

"Order will now be coming not from the executive but from the people outsider the executive to implement and to run the government matters". The land reform hot potato Then there is the issue of land.

"Knowing Emmerson Mnangawa, his character, he will have to work very hard to change his character so that he can define the future of the country and define his future as a democrat, as a reformer".

During the colonial era in the 1960's, the Chinese trained Crocodile Group engaged in acts of sabotage as a form of resisting colonial rule.

"Zimbabweans I know - I'm Zimbabwean - we're ululating all around the world, and we are celebrating", journalist Michelle Faul told Weekend All Things Considered, "but we need to be cautious".

"It was very emotional for him and he was forceful about it", they said.

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This raised anxiety and tension and Mr Mugabe, rather than playing a unifying role, chose to side with his wife. Police who used to watch the farm's entrance appear to be hunkered down in their compound.

They were the shock troops of Mugabe's violent election campaigns, especially in 2008, and were often implicated in the beating, intimidation and even killing of opposition supporters.

As National Security Minister, Mr Mnangagwa was in charge of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), which is accused of working with the army to commit atrocities in the 1980's.

Grace Mugabe, whose ambitions to succeed her husband as president triggered a military takeover, has attracted criticism in the past for lavish shopping trips.

"Let us all accept and acknowledge his immense contribution to the building of our nation".

"We want to grow our economy".

This piece was written by Azu Ishiekwene.

Mnangagwa's rise to the top comes after decades of experience under Mugabe since Zimbabwe won independence from Britain in 1980. "We are able to farm and look after ourselves", said 22-year-old Theophilus Chimanga.

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