Timberlake to come to Indy in December

Justin Timberlake brought boring back at the Super Bowl halftime show

Justin Timberlake brought boring back at the Super Bowl halftime show

Most painfully, this collision often occurs in the same song: 'Sauce' stuffs a jaunty country guitar lick inside a sleazy '80s funk melody, while the title track features 'Walking On Sunshine'-style guitars laid atop a syrupy bass line. I have better use for my hard-earned, paycheck to paycheck moolah.

According to TMZ, Nelson, who is a sister to the late legend, wants Justin's critics to back off, adding that she was 'pleasantly surprised' by Justin's performance, and even enjoyed the tribute to Prince. Whatever impression the show left you with, our most important observation of the night was that Justin looked damn good. Whether people liked Justin's performance or not, we have to admit that his outfit sure made it a memorable one! Explain what you mean by that. As Timberlake walked into the audience during his performance, young Ryan McKenna got up close to Timberlake and took a selfie with him. It's the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't era.

Ryan is also getting some free skiing.

Timberlake's announcement comes the day after his halftime performance at Super Bowl LII.

I don't think the halftime show was "bad" by any means, it just felt... like... regular?

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She said the family was aware the song would be performed, but they didn't know footage of Prince - who hailed from Minneapolis where the game was held - would be used.

In addition to second shows already announced in 10 North American cities, Timberlake will add a new fall leg with an additional 31 new shows across the U.S. and Canada including second and third shows in Chicago, Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Houston, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Atlanta and Memphis.

Turns out, the Selfie Kid's phone was malfunctioning. Now I think JT is one of the more talented performers of his generation. "When the administration is trying to make it so employers can take tips, there's a lot of tipped workers out there". And boy, did it happen.

"But no worries, we will all be together this spring for the star ceremony", he added, appearing to reference 'N Sync's upcoming Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

It was Timberlake's first return to the Super Bowl stage since 2004. He had referred to it as "demonic". That's why he had that sheet up like in your mama's backyard, ' a source told Page Six.

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